Zydeco Concert Hall

Zydeco Concert Hall is one of Birmingham’s oldest music venues accommodating up to 600 general admission guests with a full service bar and spacious dance floor. The Concert Hall features full production and a large stage making it staple venue for any touring band or concert promoter.

More About The Zydeco Concert Hall

Zydeco Pub

The Zydeco pub offers big screen TV’s, pool tables, late night kitchen, and a full service bar. Every week our pub hosts a variety of entertainment that includes karaoke, DJ’s, and local bands. In addition, the pub is home to the Birmingham Vulcan’s Rugby Club.

Vistit the Zydeco Pub

Zydeco Patio

Zydeco features the most spacious patio in the 5 Points entertainment district. The patio is ideal for patrons who want to take a break from a concert or just socialize with their friends. Weather permitting, the patio features live acoustic acts, DJ’s, and a full service bar. In the colder months we provide several outdoor heaters.

Come Hang on the Zydeco Patio