Rich Boy w/ Q Dot Davis
September 1, 2018 10:00 pm CDT
Rich Boy
Q Dot Davis

Q Dot Davis is a rare find. This entertainer and promoter has his focus on his goals and works everyday to achieve each and every one. Tho he is a native of Birmingham, Al, Q Dot has lived in Tn, Nd, Ga, and even spent time in Canada. He has found a unique way of blending all of the cultures he has experienced to create a sound of his own. He does not stick to a certain genre, yet feels he is his own genre. You can find his mixtape "Q Dot Meets R&B" on multiple sites available for download. He also has a mixtape entitled "Amongst The Stars" (feb 2012),which includes a vast variety of music,ranging from a remake of Drake's hit single "Headlines" featuring Ivprofen entitled "They Low". He is ranked amongst the top 20 on for Hip Hop/R&B artist in Birmingham and is on the rise daily. He also promotes for hot upcoming artist in Birmingham, Al, a breeding ground for hot new upcoming artist to gain experience and needed buzz to establish longevity in the music game and land better deals with major labels. You can learn more about Q Dot Davis by visiting his website, You can also check out his music and rankings by visiting his Q Dot Davis is a name and individual you will not soon forget!
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