Vibe Street w/ Black Carl & Robbie Dude
March 24, 2017 9:30 pm CDT
Vibe Street

Raised in Trumbull, CT and now based in Denver, CO, Vibe Street (Ben Davis) brings a flavor that is unrivaled in the world of music today. Taking influences from game-changing producers in the ever exploding Electro-Hiphop-Glitch-Funk movement, and combining it with elements of bluegrass, folk, blues and jam, Davis has coined the genre "Grass-Hop/Future-Folk" to describe his unique sound. Ranging from feel good, blue-grassy tunes, to soulful, spacey electronic beats that can rock a late-night dance tent, Vibe Street combines forward thinking and versatility, and is providing music fans across all spectrums with the refreshing dose of originality that they so desperately crave. 

Black Carl
Robbie Dude

Each time I get behind my computer and controllers, I want to convey a piece of myself. Whether it's the struggles I've been going through that week; the different ideals and morals that make up what I believe in as a human living in these crazy illuminated times we call the present; or just tunes that take me back to times when life wasn't so chaotic, each Robbie Dude experience should be something that comes from the heart and has depth that should touch some part of you.