Integrate w/ Tsimba, Lykwid, and Eluyson
October 31, 2021 9:00 pm CDT
$12.00 - $20.00
Any preconceived notion of who Integrate is should be left at the door. VCTRE and BlackCarl! may be two separate entities, but once integrated, they become fused into one force that transcends any form of the word “genre”. There is not one without the other; join the movement. 
[Birmingham, AL]
Lykwid, the new musical endeavor of John Bruce, is no stranger to being around heavy hitters in the music industry. Being utilized as support for the likes of ill Gates, Yheti, Mark Farina, D3V, Zia, and Dirt Monkey. A regular in the scene around Birmingham, his heavy bass lines and down-tempo grooves can match the style for any event. Since relocating to Birmingham Lykwid has started making his own music and released 2 EP’s and a handful of singles that have reached over 20k total plays on SoundCloud.